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I am a Publisher, one who makes products out of information. I set up Concrescent LLC to be the holding company for Concrescent Press which publishes works of magick, occultism and Pagan religion.

Concrescent Scholars is for the academic study of the Esoteric and Pagan.

Concrescent Letters is for fiction and poetry.

I also do freelance typesetting and design, and of all the trades I’ve plied, I love it the most. On quiet evenings, I sometimes typeset documents or draw diagrams and illustrations for the fun of it. This portion of my site is something of a portfolio, come have a look at my work. Let me know if I can make something for you.

Most of my books are available from my commercial website:

But they are also here on this site under Books.

Individual copies are best ordered through, but contact me for trade or bulk purchases.

Website Design

In 1994 I was one of the very first webmasters: there were only ~200 sites at the time. From developing a prototype for connecting an architectural calculation engine to the web so ordinary folk could calculate the energy use of their homes I have partial credit on a patent held by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

After a number of years doing project management in IT space for corporations, I’m now back at making websites, mostly in WordPress. This one ( is one of them.

Here is another, for an on-line academic journal Coreopsis, which unfortunately never launched. But here is in its almost ready to be released state. You will need a user name and password to get in: both are ‘guest’.