My name is Sam Webster. I am a Master of Divinity and a Mage, and currently working on a PhD at the University of Bristol, UK, studying Pagan history under Prof. Ronald Hutton. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been writing about ritual magic(k) and Pagan religion since 1984. My bio tells more of my story. On this site I have collected a selection of my work and will be adding to it. Mostly, I serve the Pagan community as a priest of Hermes.

About this blog

Ancora Imparo
[I am still learning]

This blog is my space for weekly writing. It is a place where I can explore ideas not suited for the Arkadian Anvil or the Pagan Restoration blogs, and where I can indulge in speculation, whimsy, and controversy. I am also posting my older work here, previously scatted across the web. I am still learning, as you will see from the older pieces, and hopefully improving. From my  journalistic training I understand myself to be educating myself in public. By leaving these uncorrected works here, I wish to show and perhaps learn from that education.

Please click the Follow button and stay tuned for my next missive. I can’t promise you will like all of it, but it will be interesting!