We Are Pagan
We dwell in the Living World

Stars, oceans, rivers, mountains,
each have their own being and integrity

Each is worth preserving,
not as a resource but as a living being,
albeit non-biological

For all of the world is ensouled;
feeling, and self-preserving as we are,
and although not human, it all deserves our respect

For we are not separate from the world,
we participate in it and through it

 So does the World participate in us,
and its well-being is our own

For we revere Nature
like Jews, Christians, and Muslims revere their scriptures,
because Nature is our scripture

For however various our views,
whether seen as the most ancient and developed technology
or as most intimately as ‘Mother Nature,’
we Pagani see Nature as Divine

The Divine is the source and sum of our being.

To consume Nature will be the end of our being,
and the final blasphemy

We are Pagan,
We dwell in the Living World

What do you live in?