Basic practices for Pagans practicing Tantric invocation in translation.
Download as pdf: Most_Basic_Tantric_Practice

Sound: A: A: A:

Boddhichitta: Say:
All is pure and present,
And has always been so.
To this realization
I commit myself—
Pure and Total presence.

4 Immeasurables:
Sounding ‘A’ Awaken
Loving Kindness—Compassion—Joy in their Joy—Equanimity
Toward all who are close to you—all who you know of—to the non objectified all

See your Teacher before you, adorn with HAD (brow, white) RAY (throat, red) NU (heart, blue), sounding each
Sound HAD and drawing a white beam to you, your body is empowered
Sound RAY and drawing a red beam to you, your speech is empowered
Sound NU and drawing a blue beam to you, your mind is empowered

Entering the Ground of Being:
Sounding ‘Ah’ and the Universe dissolves into Your Body.
Sounding ‘Ah’ and Your Body dissolves into the white letter ‘A’ at the heart.
Sounding ‘Ah’ and the white letter ‘A’ at the heart slowly,
From the bottom feet up to the topmost point, dissolves into sheer Openness.

Arising from the Ground of Being:
Sound ‘AL’ and the Golden Syllable arises from the Void
Sound ‘AL’ and the Golden Syllable radiates golden light though out the Void
Sound ‘AL’ and the Golden Syllable receives back the light and becomes a Sphere

Ending the practice, Say:
The ending of the Words is the word Abrahadabra
This working is done and concealed: Aum Ha!
We arise again in our own forms,
The Union of Appearance and Openness.

Offerings, Say or Sing:
HAD!—RAY!—NU! Abrahadabra!
To you and all your host we offer,
Form, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch, the Whole of Space,
Father’s Milk and Mother’s Blood, the Fruit of Existence
Come and Enjoy!

Behavior after Transformation, Say:
All form, energy, and thought show forth primal, bornless presence.
May this play of manifestation develop my body and mind.
Through this practice may I attain complete realization
and lead all living beings to also attain.

Dedicate the Merit, Say:
May the Benefit of this Act, and all Acts,
Be dedicated unto the Complete Liberation and Supreme Enlightenment
Of all beings, everywhere, pervading space and time—so mote it be.

May the Benefits of Practice, Ours and Others’,
Come to Fruition. Ultimately and Immediately
And we Remain in the State of Presence—Ah!