Over a decade in development, Tantric Thelema develops author Sam Webster’s Pagan Dharma work uniting Pagan, especially Thelemic spirituality with Buddhist wisdom and ritual technology. It gives a complete method for learning a Mahayoga Tantric technique for invoking the primary deity of Thelema, Ra-Hoor-Khuit. Forty-seven practices are described in fine detail with clear theory to enable the reader to advance spiritually. For the first time ever the Initiatory and Couples practices are published, along with a practice to prepare for Death.

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6×9 in., Paperback, 116pp.

ISBN: 978-0-9843729-0-4

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For your ritual pleasure. . .As promised, here are the first of many ritual scripts to make the work easier. It is hard enough without having to work from a book not designed for ease of use in ritual.

The In-Front Script. . .

. . .is Here-click to download

This is the ‘In Front’ version of the ritual, the one published in the book “Tantric Thelema”. It is Level 1 because it is the first and simplest form. It is General Availability or ‘GA’ 1.1 as it has some minor updates and modifications from the version given out at PantheaCon 2010, San Jose.

Let me know if there is anything that needs to be changed in it. Due to the use this web-based medium, we can fix things quickly and a new edition will be posted. It may work fine for me, but if you have ideas to improve it, I want to hear them.

Do the practice, do it daily if you can. It can be a brief as twenty minutes, but take as long as you can, especially at first when you are learning. Then only will its true power become evident.

The Arising-As script. . .

. . .is Here-click to download

This is the core practice of the method and is best suited for those who have been properly introduced to the Deity and the practice, or who have done the work, especially with the In-Front version, to create connection with Ra-Hoor-Khuit.

And now for the Icon of the All Beneficent One:

RHK Thanka