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811d670f-3163-4a97-a228-3044754659e8The Pagan religious non-profit organization which I am honored to serve…

The Pantheon Foundation invites you to the upcoming
Pagan Activism Conference Online (PACO)
Nov. 22-23, 2014 

This innovative Conference, in service to the national Pagan community, will take place entirely online, allowing for participants from every region of the US to attend. PACO will provide valuable, insightful information from experienced and innovative Pagan activists and community voices. Our interactive presentations and discussion panels, regarding infrastructures that serve Pagan organizational and individual activism, feature some of the most experienced and accomplished leaders in their respective areas. Check back frequently, as guests are still joining.

The goal of the Conference is to equip Pagan activists from all over the country with the tools necessary to advance the goals and aims of their own activist efforts, and to build bridges between Pagan activists for mutual support. Care to join us? You can come for the whole conference, or else attend single panels, as desired.

See the calendar listing to purchase your tickets