GreatQueenPageDelightfully, I get to tout Concrescent Press’ latest project:
The Book of the Great Queen
by Morpheus Ravenna

She is kicking off a Indogogo Campaign to fund her writing, book creation and art for the book. Come join us and support this important project!

Here is what Morpheus has to say about it:

I’m launching an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign for The Book of the Great Queen: the book that’s long been needed, exploring the mysteries of the Morrigan, the ancient Celtic Goddess of battle, sovereignty, prophecy, and Otherworld power.

We’re hosting a little party on launch night to have some fun, raise the excitement, and spread the word. For locals, you can join us at Evermore House in Oakland, CA. There will be convivial beverages, food, chocolate!

For everyone else – there will be a video hangout/ live stream so you can join us remotely! See below for details.

Get a look in person at the devotional illuminated manuscript art I’m creating for my backer perks!
Touch and drool over the prototype version of Amelia Hogan’s hand-bound artistic editions of the book!
Chat with me, and members of my team, about what’s happening with the book!
Help us start off the campaign with a BOOM!

Stable URL for the campaign:
For now, that redirects to a campaign preview – once it goes live, it’ll link to the live campaign page.

For more info about the book project, go here:

Log on to the video hangout here:

Google Hangouts only allow up to 10 video participants, but everyone else can log on, view the video stream, and submit comments/questions by text chat. If you’ll have a few people together and you want to be one of the 10 video links, send me a note and I’ll add you to the list!

Video stream will also be viewable here: