Here are the Hermes and allied activities at the Con:

1) Hermes Caucus gathering. We’ll start with a brief into to the Dharma practices that front the Tantric Hermes ritual and then render prayer and offering to Hermes the Goer. Then we’ll talk about the status of our various projects discussed at the first Hermes caucus meeting two years ago, and especially to pre-announce the Pantheon Foundation.
Friday 7pm OSOGD Suite 1060

2) Coru Cathubodua is sponsoring a panel on Sacrifice and Modern Paganism.
Dr. Amy Hale and I will both be on the panel. Should be exciting.
Saturday 11am Oak

3) The Tantric Hermes Invocation
Saturday 1:30pm Silicon Valley

4) Oracles from the Living Tarot (A covert CAYA project)
Rabbit & I will be in it.
Saturday 3:30 Cedar/Pine

5) Pantheon Foundation announcement and reception. We have finally built a Pagan religious non-profit organization to serve the many needs of our community and provide legal coverage for our small organizations. This specifically grew out of the Hermes caucus meeting two years ago. Come meet the Board of Directors and Advisors.
Saturday 9pm OSOGD Suite 1060

6) Pagans and Institution Building
For any of you interested in the process of community building or if you want to better understand the role that institutions (such as the Pantheon Foundation) play in shaping modern Paganism, this will be a good opportunity to learn more and be a part of the discussion. Dr Amy Hale and I will be facilitating.
Sunday 9am in Monterey

The Way of Hermes is being rebuilt, and so is the Way of Aphrodite!
Two rituals for Her are planned for the Con:

A) The Many Faces of Aphrodite ritual hosted by the Temple of Aphrodite
Friday 3:30pm in Pine

B) The Rite of Love and Delight is being sponsored by Sacred Fires and Caya
Friday 9pm in Oak

Hope to see you there!

Blessings of the Herm,